your #1 partner for large-scale 3D printing

your #1 partner for large-scale 3D printing

XtreeE is a company dedicated to the diverse aspects of the integration of advanced digital processes in architectural conception and construction. Its activities are organized in three activity clusters.

XtreeE | Consulting is providing the various players in construction and architecture with consulting in engineering as well as in any other required field for the use of advanced fabrication processes, thanks to the team’s deep knowledge of the various aspects of these technologies.

XtreeE | Manufacturing is providing civil engineering and architecture companies with fabrication services for finished or semi-finished products.

XtreeE | Technologies is developing hardware and electronic aspects of the company’s work. This third cluster of activity is destined to connect the two previous clusters by completing our consulting activities and enabling our manufacturing capacities.

XtreeE - Leaflet

XtreeE – Leaflet