One of XtreeE’s realisations is on display at the Zaha Hadid Gallery in London, as part of the Meta Utopia exhibition !

Design:  Patrik Schumacher with ZHA Code 

Design Development:  Shajay Bhooshan, Vishu Bhooshan, Marko Margeta, Tommaso Casucci
Machine files & Manufacturing: XtreeE 

Cirratus, 3D printed concrete vase, marks the beginning of the collaboration of ZHA CODE with XtreeE, a pioneer in advanced, building scale, 3D printing technology. The design is an interpretation of a classic – a vase by architect Alvar Aalto. A bespoke algorithm produces complex double curvature geometry that adheres to the manufacturing constraints. Simultaneously, it also expresses the additive, layer-by-layer process of its making

(Pictures: XtreeE / Osman Marfo Gyasi)