Clément GOSSELIN: MArch. Project in Architecture (Diploma project) 2015 (ENSAPM-Digital Knowledge). In collaboration with P. ROUX, R. DUBALLET, N. GAUDILLIERE. Teachers / Philippe MOREL & Jean Aimé SHU.

June 2015

This 3D-printed concrete wall is XtreeE’s first large-scale prototype, measuring 2m * 1.5m. It has been exposed alongside our space truss prototype at the Synthetic exhibition 2015 as well as in several shows (for more information, see our News page). It was designed and produced as part of Clément Gosselin’s Architecture Diploma project in June 2015 at the ENSAPM Architecture School and as part of the DEMOCRITE Reseach project.

The wall is part of a larger rehabilitation project of an industrial structure in the Parisian region. It is made from a double post transmitting loads and a vertical pannel. The wall stands out amongst other elements through its internal structure, a double sine curve reducing thermal bridging and making it possible to imagine a filling with other construction elements, such as thermal insulation. It has been fabricated with the ultra high performance concrete 3D-printing technique developed by XtreeE. Some of XtreeE’s cofounders published a scientific article relating to this project in Materials & Design in June 2016.

Pictures XtreeE / Nikolaz Lecoq